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Céline Lévesque and Alexandra Logvin begin their terms as new President and Treasurer respectively o

Since late October, Professor Lévesque and Ms. Logvin have assumed their positions for a three year term. During the recent CCIL general annual meeting, members thanked outgoing President Marie-Claude Boisvert and Treasurer Ilario Maiolo for their commitment and good work over the last few years.

Sharing a passion for international law and international dispute settlement, the new President and Treasurer look forward to working with the new Board as well as the broader membership and partners, in Canada and abroad.

Upon assuming her role, Professor Lévesque noted "It is an honor to assume the CCIL presidency at a time when international law remains so relevant to Canada and the world. We are fortunate in Canada to be able to count on an international law community that is rich, active and diverse. I will be happy to work with CCIL members and other partners to help achieve its mission".

They will also count on the collaboration of Victoria Clark who acts as Secretary for the CCIL Executive Committee.

Visit the governance page for more information:

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