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The Four Societies Initiative

The CCIL, in association with the American Society of International Law (ASIL), the Australian and New Zealand Society of International Law (ANZSIL) and the Japanese Society of International Law (JSIL), participates in an innovative initiative involving new and emerging scholars, and others, from each of the four international law societies. 

A workshop is hosted every two years for the presentation of original works and the exchange of views.  There have been seven events to date: New Zealand (2006); Canada (2008); Japan (2010); USA (2012); Australia (2014); Canada (2016) and Japan (2018).

The 2018 Conference in Tokyo examined changing roles of actors in international law and their impact on relevant theories.  We are delighted to hear that selected papers from the seventh workshop will become a book to be published by Brill Publishers in the Fall of 2020. The CCIL would like to congratulate the editors and contributors Charles-Emmanuel (Université Laval), Miriam Cohen (Université Montréal), Ryan Gauthier (Thompson River University), Jason MacLean (University of Saskatchewan) and Zhannah Voukitchevitch (University of Ottawa).

The Eighth International Four Societies Conference which was to be held June 16-17, 2020, Berkeley, California was postponed due to the pandemic was held virtually August 15-16, 2022 with the theme "Areas Beyond national jurisdictions".  The works of the ASIL 2022 online conference have been published in the Australian Yearbook of International Law, 2024:

Canadian participants in the “Four Societies” initiative

Round 1 (New Zealand, 2006):  Natasha Affolder (University of British Columbia), A. Neil Craik (University of Waterloo), Craig Forcese (University of Ottawa), Joanna Harrington (University of Alberta)

Round 2 (Canada, 2008):  Barnali Choudhury (Queen Mary University of London), Jaye Ellis (McGill University), Graham Mayeda (University of Ottawa), Christopher Waters (University of Windsor)

Round 3 (Japan, 2010):  Ljiljana Biuković (University of British Columbia), Charles-Emmanuel Côté (University of Laval), Robin Hansen (University of Saskatchewan), Dwight Newman (University of Saskatchewan)

Round 4 (USA, 2012):  Catherine Gribbin (Canadian Red Cross), Ilario Maiolo (Canadian Red Cross), Ibironke Odumosu-Ayanu (University of Saskatchewan), Katie Sykes (Thompson Rivers University)

Round 5 (Australia, 2014):  Cameron Jefferies (University of Alberta), Tahnee Prior (Balsillie School of International Affairs), Sujith Xavier (University of Windsor)

Round 6 (Canada, 2016):  Patricia Galvao Ferreira (CIGI), Matthew Levine (University of Toronto), Nicolas Lamp (Queens University), Maria Panezi (CIGI).  We are delighted to hear that selected papers from the sixth workshop will become a book to be published by Cambridge University Press. We congratulate the editors Neil Craik, Cameron Jefferies, Sara Seck, and Tim Stephens.

Round 7 (Japan, 2018):  Charles-Emmanuel Côté ( Laval University); Armand de Mestral ( McGill); Miriam Cohen (University of Montréal); Ryan Gauthier (Thompson River University ); Zhannah Voukitchevitch (University of Ottawa) and Jason MacLean (University of Saskatchewan). Read more about the 2018 Conference​.

Round 8 (held virtually Aug 15-16, 2022):  Charles-Emmanuel Côté (Laval University); Keith MacMaster (Schulich School of Law, Dalhousie University); Tamar Meshel (University of Alberta Faculty of Law); Mulry Mondélice (Department of Humanities and Social Sciences, Royal Military College Saint-Jean); Vivek Krishnamurthy (Faculty of Law, Common Law Section, University of Ottawa).

Resulting Publications

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