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The Leslie C Green Veterans Scholarship is a $1,500 scholarship to be awarded to a Canadian Forces (Canadian Armed Forces) veteran pursuing first year legal studies at the JD or LLB level in a Canadian law school. 

About the candidate

The successful candidate will have a demonstrable interest in international humanitarian law.  This interest may be reflected in past activities or future career plans.  Preference will be given to candidates whose past activities and future career plans suggest an intent and ability to make an active contribution to the development of international humanitarian law.  Consideration will also be given to the calibre of the candidate’s academic and professional record. Where applicable, financial need will also be considered.  (Candidates who are receiving grants from the government or other entities to defray the costs of tuition or living expenses while in law school will generally be ineligible for this Scholarship.  To be clear, this does not include student loans – just special programs whereby the student is put through law school by the sponsoring entity.)

For the purposes of this scholarship, a veteran is a retired Forces member, or a member who remains a reservist. Applicants with operational experience will be favoured in the selection process.




Candidate must apply by sending the following to the Leslie C. Green Scholarship Committee:


  1. A cover letter detailing the candidate’s service history in the Canadian Forces, his or her plans for legal studies and demonstrating his or her interest in international humanitarian law, per the above.

  2. In the event that the applicant wishes to raise financial need as a consideration, an explanation of that need.

  3. Proof of first year status in a JD or LLB program at a Canadian law school.

  4. Academic record in the form of transcripts demonstrating the candidate’s academic aptitude.  (Scanned copies are accepted).

  5. A certification that all of the information supplied in support of the application is truthful.


These materials should be emailed only (please no hardcopies) to (subject: Leslie Green 2022 application)


The deadline for applications is Thursday, September 22, 2022, although the committee reserves the right to extend this deadline if (in its opinion) it has received an insufficient numbers of applications.


The scholarship will be awarded at the Annual Conference in October.

2022 Recipiens

2022 Recipients

Photo_Danielle Hargreaves.jpg

Danielle Hargreaves

JD Candidate, Schulich School of Law
Dalhousie University

The selection committee concluded that Ms Hargreaves' role in promoting diversity among the CAF's cadet program warranted particular recognition.

Photo_Jonathan Carson_Latvia.JPG

Jonathan Carson

JD Candidate, Civil Law
McGill University

The selection committee concluded that Mr. Carson's overall record of service and his past consideration of IHL in active deployments warranted particular recognition.

Past Recipients

Past Recipients


Jan Dobrosielski


Anwarullah Mujtabah


Devon Schefter
Green Bio

About LESLIE C. GREEN, 1920 – 2011


Order of Canada, CM; Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada; LLD (London, UK), LLD (Hon. University of Alberta)


Leslie C. Green, a Member of the Order of Canada and a Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada, spent his life defending and advancing international law and developing humanitarian law for the greater protection of human rights during armed conflict.


He was born in London, England, in 1920, and graduated in law (first class) from the University of London in 1941. He was awarded the Joseph Hume Scholarship in Jurisprudence and the Cecil Peace Prize. He received an academic LL.D. from that University in 1976.


From 1941-46 he served in the British Army, first as a Japanese translator and then as Deputy Military Prosecutor at GHQ, India, retiring in 1946 with the rank of Major. From 1946-60 he was Lecturer in law at the University of London and from 1960-65 was Professor of International Law at the University of Singapore, and also served a term as Dean of the Faculty of Law. He came to Canada in 1965 as Professor of Political Science at the University of Alberta, receiving the title of University Professor in 1969, and Honorary Professor of Law in 1985. He retired as University Professor Emeritus in 1991.


From 1974-5 he was Academic in Residence at the Legal Department of the Canadian Department of External Affairs, Canada; from 1975-7 Legal Adviser to the Canadian delegation at the Diplomatic Conference on Humanitarian Law, Geneva, which produced the 1977 Protocols; from 1979-80 Academic in Residence at the Department of the Judge Advocate General, Ottawa, responsible for the first draft of a Canadian manual of War Law; and from 1989-95 was a Canadian member of the Committee of Experts on Naval Warfare responsible for the San Remo Manual.


He consulted to various governments; was a Visiting Professor at Kyung Hee University, Seoul, Korea, and at the University of Denver College Of Law; and from 1996-8 he was Stockton Professor of International Law at the US Naval War College, the first non-American to hold that Chair. In 2000 the College published a volume of essays, International Law across the Spectrum of Conflict, in his honour.


In 2012 The Judge Advocate General Award was renamed the Leslie C. Green Award in his honour.


In 2013 the inaugural recipient of the Canadian Council on International Law’s Leslie C. Green Veteran’s Scholarship was announced.


Leslie Green’s major published works include: “Superior Orders in National and International Law”, 1976; “Essays on the Modern Law of War”, 2nd ed. 1998;”The Contemporary Law of Armed Conflict”, 3nd ed. 2008, and the “Canadian Manual of Armed Conflict Law”, 2000.

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