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Public Sector Award Recipient

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Anne Daniel


Anne Daniel

Anne Daniel is a General Counsel with the Public International Law Team of the Constitutional, Administrative and International Law Section of the Department of Justice Canada. She has been with Justice for 35 years and has advised on multilateral environmental agreements (MEAs) for approximately 25 years, primarily in the areas of mercury, hazardous wastes, ocean dumping, chemicals, biodiversity, biosafety, genetic resources, air pollution, liability, compliance and UN Environment Programme (UNEP) governance issues.  She has participated on numerous Canadian delegations as advisor and negotiator, including to negotiate many MEAs.  She has led Canadian delegations, has chaired a number of UN meetings and negotiating groups, and been a chair or member of treaty compliance committees.

Anne has published in a number of areas of international environmental law. She has generously shared her knowledge and experience by delivering MEA negotiating and chairing training both internationally and to Government of Canada colleagues. She has lectured at a number of law schools, including Kobe University in Japan, and has taught a course on MEA negotiation and implementation at her alma mater the University of Windsor Law School. Over the years Anne has also been active in the CCIL as a member of the Executive, and at the annual conference as a participant and organizer of panels and the international environmental law breakfast.

We congratulate Anne Daniel for her distinguished career in the federal public service and her important contribution to international environmental law.

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