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2021 Scholarly Paper Award Winners Announced

The Canadian Council on International Law is pleased to announce Penelope Simons & Melisa Handl as the 2021 recipients of the CCIL Scholarly Paper Award for their co-authored paper entitled: “Relations of Ruling: A Feminist Critique of the United Nations Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights and Violence against Women in the Context of Resource Extraction”. UTP Press

The paper provides a rigorous and innovative analysis of the United Nations Guiding Principles and is a significant contribution to international law scholarship. The paper engages with two different areas of international law, i.e. feminist approach to international law and international human rights law, and enlightens the debate of a cutting-edge topic in the field, from an innovative theoretical perspective. It also engages critically with the provisions and lacunas of the Guiding Principles. The paper is well written and provides in-depth research and analysis of issues that are both relevant for international law scholarship as well as Canadian law and policy due to its focus on extractive industries.

Penelope Simons Associate Professor and Vice Dean Research, University of Ottawa, Faculty of Law.

​Melisa Handl is a PhD candidate, University of Ottawa, Faculty of Law


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