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2023 CCIL Scholarly Paper Submissions Open

To recognize the work of Canadian scholars of international law, the CCIL conducts a competition for scholarly papers that make a substantial contribution to the international law literature.​

​Any member of CCIL* may submit a paper published in a law review or other academic journal during the two calendar years prior to the year of the award. Thus, papers eligible for the 2023 award will be published in 2021 or 2022.

The same paper may not be submitted more than once. Co-authored papers may be submitted if the primary author is eligible to submit a paper. Copyright in any paper submitted remains the property of the author(s) or the publisher. The committee will only accept one paper per author. Papers longer than 60 pages in length are not normally considered.

If the selection committee determines that none of the submitted papers in the competition makes a substantial contribution to the international law literature, it may decline to select any paper for the Award. The selection committee may use its own discretion in making these determinations and the decisions of the selection committee are final.

Any award will be made at the CCIL Annual Conference in Fall 2023.

Manuscripts must be submitted electronically no later than May 1, 2023

* Ensure your CCIL membership is up to date at the time of your submission.


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