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8th Frontiers in Environmental Law Colloquium - 9-11 February 2022

The Centre for Environmental Law, Macquarie University, Australia, New Zealand Centre for Environmental Law, University of Auckland and the Global Network for Human Rights and the Environment are delighted to be hosting the 8th Frontiers in Environmental Law Colloquium, 9-11 February 2022.

The theme of this year's Colloquium is:

Environmental Law and Responsibilities in the Anthropocene

The Anthropocene epoch confirms that humanity is the primary driver of planetary change. The 8th Frontiers Colloquium encourages participants to engage with a possible new frontier for environmental law: to consider what it might mean to shift the approach of environmental law from ‘what we can get out of nature' to ‘what we can and must do for it.’ Papers at this year’s Colloquium contemplate how and whether environmental law, broadly defined, sufficiently engages with responsibility in the context of unprecedented global environmental change.

There is no fee to attend but attendees do need to register here.

Please access the exciting colloquium program here. We hope to see you there!

Best wishes,

Sarah Vanderfield (on behalf of the Centre of Environmental Law)


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