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CCIL 2023 Annual Conference - Join the conversation


Friday, November 3 – 9:00-10:30

The Adjudication of Trade Remedies Disputes by Canadian Courts and Tribunals: What is “Now” and What is “Next”?

The panel will discuss the following questions:

  • Can we expect to see more adjudication of trade remedies disputes before the CITT, the Federal Court and the Federal Court of Appeal in future? What are the types of issues that might be subject to adjudication?

  • How is that jurisprudence likely to evolve?

  • What does this mean for Canadian administrative law? What does this mean for the WTO?


H. Scott Fairley, Cambridge LLP


Susana Lee, Cassidy Levy Kent LLP

William Pellerin, McMillan LLP

Jonathan O'Hara, McMillan LLP

George Reid, Bennett Jones LLP

View the full program.


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