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Humphrey Fellowship Application for 2022-2023 (Closed)

The application process for the 2022-2023 Academic Year is now available. Deadline to submit: December 15, 2021.

Students in Canadian law and political science (or the equivalent) faculties are eligible to apply for the Fellowship. The Fellowships are awarded to outstanding students in order to permit them to pursue full-time graduate studies at leading graduate institutions in Canada or world-wide. Graduating, or graduate students of Canadian law faculties or students studying in Canada at an advanced level in political science (or the equivalent) disciplines are eligible to apply for the Fellowships.

Applicants must be qualified to commence or continue as full-time students in a graduate program in the field of international human rights law or international organizations. The CCIL will award up to three Fellowships for academic year 2022-2023 to selected, outstanding students to permit them to pursue graduate studies at leading academic institutions in Canada or worldwide.


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