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Emily Richard



Emily Misola Richard


Ecole du barreau (Bar School) 

Professional Training Course 


Université du Québec à Montréal (UQAM) 

Bachelor of Civil law (LL.B.) GPA: 3.97/4.3 


Université du Québec à Montréal (UQAM) 

Bachelor of Arts in International Relations and International Law, Winter 2009 semester spent at the Institut d'etudes politiques de Lyon (France) 


Proposed Program of Study


I hope to enroll in the LL.M. in International Legal Studies at New York University (NYU). The program at NYU is particularly appealing to me because it offers a wide variety of international human rights courses, taught by recognized global leaders in this field, such as United Nations Special Rapporteur on extrajudicial, summary or arbitrary executions Philip Alston. It also offers a number of interesting hands-on practical activities, such as the possibility to participate in the Global Justice Clinic. At NYU, I would apply for an International Human Rights Fellowship, which provides funding to intern at a human rights institution, like a UN organ. On top of the International Human Rights Law course and clinic, I would emoll in the Human Trafficking Seminar and International litigation and Arbitration Simulation Course. 


I seek to pursue research on immigration legislation as it pertains to migrant domestic workers and their human rights. I plan on embarking on a comparative analysis of Canadian, American and British legislation, so as to determine and suggest what the best practices are. The proposed research subject is of interest as this is an issue of interest for Canadian and foreign human rights advocates.


Benjamin Perryman


LLM, YALE LAW SCHOOL Fulbright Scholar 


MDE (Development Economics), Dalhousie University (2011) Dissertation title: Developing an Early Warning System for Intrastate Conflict in Sub-Saharan Africa | GPA: 4.2/4.3 


JD, Osgoode Hall law School (2009) 

Top 2% of graduating class—GPA: 8.0/9.0 | Class prizes for being the top student in property law and administrative law | Upper-year scholarships for academic excellence in second-year and third-year | Member of the Osgoode International Law Society | Intensive Program in Poverty Law 


BSc (Biochemistry), University of British Columbia (2004) 


Proposed Program of Study


I am currently an LL.M. candidate at Yale Law School and will be applying to Yale's Doctor of the Science of Law (J.S.D.) program. I have chosen to pursue my doctoral training at Yale because of the school’s strength in constitutional, comparative, and international law, deep commitment to the interdisciplinary study of law, and world-class library resources. In my doctoral thesis, entitled You Can't Eat the Charter: The Role of constitutional Litigation in Poverty, Inequality, and International Development, I will examine the transformative potential for constitutional litigation to act as a tool for addressing the disconnect between international economic and social rights (ESR) norms and the domestic implementation of such rights. I call this disconnect the ESR Enforcement Gap. My research will address: Why and in what ways do countries choose (or choose not) to protect ESR within their constitutions? How do judges adjudicate ESR cases while respecting the proper role for a judge in a modern democracy?What role can social science evidence play in ESR litigation? 


I intend to employ a comparative constitutional methodology in this study by examining jurisdictions that have endorsed ESR as well as jurisdictions that have tended to oppose constitutional protection of these rights.


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Emily M. Richard

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