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The conference will be held in person in Ottawa at 111 Sussex Drive (except where indicated). 

Program times are Eastern Standard Time (Ottawa, Canada)

The detailed program including speaker bios will be available via the CCIL Conference App. Stay tuned! Program speakers are subject to change.


08:00-09:00 | Coffee service

09:00-09:05 | Welcome

09:05-10:05 | Opening Keynote

Shifting Paradigms and the Rule of Law in International Trade

  • Ujal Bhatia, National Law University, Delhi

Introduced by:  Valerie Hughes, Bennett Jones LLP

10:05-10:50 | Health Break

10:50-12:20 | Concurrent Sessions 1

The Law of Armed Conflict and States: Disseminating and Convincing to Better Limit the Suffering of War

  • Julia Grignon, Université Laval

  • Jennifer Lachance, Université Laval

  • Mathilde Doucet, Université Laval

  • Sophie Rondeau, Canadian Red Cross

  • Thomas Roos, Université Laval

The Pursuit of Common Goals and the Organs of the United Nations

  • Alan Kessel, Global Affairs Canada

  • Eirik Bjorge, University of Bristol Law School

  • Eran Sthoeger, Brooklyn Law School

Detention of Foreign Nationals to Influence Foreign/Domestic Policy

  • Alex Neve, University of Ottawa and Dalhousie  University

  • Chris MacLeod, Cambridge LLP

  • Gar Pardy, Former Ambassador

Is Canada Playing Fair? Supply Management for Dairy Products and Tariff-Rate Quota Administration

  • Elaine Feldman, University of Ottawa

  • Gilles Gauthier

  • Jessica Eisen, University of Alberta

  • Jessica Horwitz, Bennett Jones LLP

  • Marie Lemieux, PAA Advisory | Conseils

12:20-13:20 | Lunch

12:20-13:20 | Careers in International Law (networking lunch for students only)

  • Norman Farrell, Special Tribunal for Lebanon

  • Debra Steger, University of Ottawa

  • Angie Veitch, Permanent Mission of Canada to the International Organizations in Vienna

  • Tachelle Kirkpatrick, Criminal, Security and Diplomatic Law Division (JLA), Global Affairs Canada

  • Robert G Volterra, Volterra Fietta

13:30-14:30 | Keynote

When Climate Change Changes Everything...Even What We Expect from International Law

  • Natasha Affolder, University of British Columbia

Introduced by: Olabisi Akinkugbe, Dalhousie University

14:40-16:10 | Concurrent Sessions 2

The Future of Investor-State Dispute Settlement

  • Jean-Michel Marcoux, Carleton University

  • Paul Conlin, Conlin Bedard LLP

  • Paul Fauteux, CMKZ, s.e.n.c.r.l.

  • Shane Spelliscy, Global Affairs Canada

Motivating Global Health Law Reform re Pandemics: Global Solidarity, Enlightened Self-Interest or … ?

  • Fabien Schneider

  • Olipa Jere-Sakala, Ministry of Justice, Zambia

  • Polly Price, Emory University School of Law

  • Robert Volterra, Faculty of Law, University College London

Lines in the Sand and Snow: Canada-Saudi Relations

  • Christopher Waters, Faculty of Law, University of Windsor

  • Hassan Ahmad, Peter A. Allard School of Law at the University of British Columbia

  • Jeremy Wildeman, University of Ottawa

  • Maureen Irish, Faculty of Law, University of Windsor

International Legal Aspects of Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine

  • Ardi Imseis, Queen's University

  • Ashley Barnes, University of Ottawa

  • Iryna Bogdanova, World Trade Institute

  • Saeid Mirzaei Yengejeh, University of Ottawa

  • Silviana Cocan, Université de Montréal

16:10-16:30 | Health Break

16:30-18:00 | Concurrent Sessions 3

The WTO’s 12th Ministerial Conference and the Future of Multilateral Trade Cooperation

  • Alice Tipping, International Institute for Sustainable Development

  • Amrita Bahri, ITAM, Mexico

  • Gabrielle Marceau, World Trade Organization

  • Jonathan Fried, Bennett Jones LLP

  • Richard Gold, McGill University

Commercial Actors and the Future of International Space Law

  • Curtis Schmeichel, Global Affairs Canada

  • Marie Lucy Stojak, School on Management of Creativity and Innovation, HEC Montréal

  • Michael Byers, University of British Columbia

  • Ram Jakhu, McGill University

  • Timiebi Aganaba, Arizona State University

Children's Rights and International Law - System Level Shifts Towards Better Protection of Children's Rights

  • Jolane Lauzon, Department of Justice Canada

  • Mona Paré, University of Ottawa

  • Robin Hansen, University of Saskatchewan

The Role of Restrictive Measures in International Law and the Importance of Safeguarding Principled Humanitarian Action

  • Austin Shangraw, ICRC

  • Erica See, Canadian Red Cross 

  • Sophie Rondeau, Canadian Red Cross

  • Dr. Jason Nickerson, Doctors Without Borders

18:15-20:00  | Legal Advisor's Reception (at 125 Sussex)


08:00-09:00 | Coffee service

09:00-10:30 | Concurrent Sessions 4

Can Canada Close Human Rights Governance Gaps in Global Business?

  • Emily Dwyer, Canadian Network on Corporate Accountability

  • Jacques Nzumbu SJ, UQAM

  • James Yap, Canadian Lawyers for International Human Rights

  • Penelope Simons, University of Ottawa

  • Viviana Herrera, MiningWatch Canada

Whither Jus Cogens in the 21st Century: The Law and Politics of "Genocide" in International and Domestic Fora 

  • Catherine Savard, Supreme Court of Canada

  • H. Scott Fairley, Cambridge LLP

  • Nicolas Rouleau, Nicolas Martin Rouleau P.C.

  • Nikhil Gore, Covington & Burling LLP

  • William Schabas, Middlesex University

Carbon Pricing and Border Adjustments: From Talk to Action

  • Brigid Martin, University of New Brunswick

  • Caroline Marful, Queen’s University

  • Emma Pandy-Szekeres, University of New Brunswick

  • Isabelle Nazarian, Queen’s University

  • Maria Panezi, University of New Brunswick

  • Michael Mehling, MIT Center for Energy and Environmental Policy Research

Solidarity and Enlightened Self-Interest in International Law: Lessons Learned from Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine

  • Hilary Evans Cameron, Toronto Metropolitan University

  • Idil Atak, Toronto Metropolitan University

  • Jennifer Orange, Toronto Metropolitan University

  • Uche Ngwaba, Toronto Metropolitan University

10:30-10:50 | Health Break


10:50-12:20 | Concurrent Sessions 5

New Aspects of Sanctions in International Law in the Conflict in Ukraine 

  • David Pavot, Université de Sherbrooke

  • Vladyslav Lanovoy, Université Laval

  • Charles-Emmanuel Côté, Université Laval

  • Nataliya Veremko, Université de Sherbrooke

Extradition After Meng: Examining Canadian and International Extradition Practice

  • Gib van Ert, Olthuis van Ert

  • Janet Henchey, International Assistance Group, Justice Canada 

  • Joanna Harrington, University of Alberta

  • Neil Boister, University of Canterbury

  • Robert Currie, Dalhousie University

Mineral Exploitation of The Deep Seabed: Solidarity, Commonalities and Self-Interests as Drivers of a New Regulatory Framework

  • Anna Metaxas, Dalhousie University

  • Bruno Gelinas-Faucher, Université de Moncton

  • Catherine Blanchard, Utrecht University

  • Catherine Coumans, MiningWatch Canada

  • Keith MacMaster, Dalhousie University

  • Patrice Laquerre, Global Affairs Canada

The Role of Indigenous Communities in Canadian Foreign and Defence Policy

  • Graeme Reed, Assembly of First Nations

  • Heather Exner-Pirot, Macdonald-Laurier Institute

  • Katsitsiakatste Ransom, Assembly of First Nations

  • Preston Lim, Supreme Court of Canada

  • Wayne Garnons-Williams, Garwill Law

12:20-13:30 | Lunch

12:45 | CCIL AGM

13:30-15:00 | Concurrent Sessions 6

Perspectives from Fort Pearson: Updates from the Global Affairs Canada Legal Bureau

  • Anna Kapellas, Global Affairs Canada

  • Carolyn Knobel, Global Affairs Canada

  • Louis-Martin Aumais, Global Affairs Canada

  • Rebecca Netley, Global Affairs Canada

  • Stephen Randall, Global Affairs Canada

Emerging Technologies and International Law: Challenges and Opportunities

  • Brian Cox, Cornell Law School

  • Eric Weaver, Canadian Forces Military Law Centre

  • Isabella Spano, Doctoral Candidate

  • Tanya Krupiy, Newcastle University

  • Valentine Goddard, Alliance Impact Intelligence Artificielle

International Economic Aspects of Russia’s War Against Ukraine 

  • Jacques J.M. Shore, Gowling WLG

  • Julia Webster, BLG

  • Olesia Kryvetska, Asters Law

  • Semie Sama, Lakehead University

15:00-15:20 | Health Break

15:20-16:20 | Closing Keynote

Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine and its Impact on the International Legal Order

  • The Honorouble Bob Rae, Ambassador to the United Nations

Introduced by: Valerie Oosterveld, Western University

16:30-18:30 | Closing Reception and CCIL Awards (at 50 Sussex Drive)

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