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2018 CCIL Annual Conference: Call for Proposals

EXTENDED Deadline: Monday, May 14, 2018

The 47th annual conference of the Canadian Council on International Law will take place in Ottawa on 1-2 November 2018. The theme of this year’s conference is “International Law at the Boundaries”.

Populist movements in Brexit Britain and Trump America seek to reassert the primacy of national frontiers, after decades of increasing integration in politics, economics and law. But borders seem to offer no answer to climate change, mass migration, global capital flows or even, in the case of Putin’s Russia, territorial aggrandizement. And all of these transnational challenges arise at a time of rapid innovation: in a new technological context, have existing international legal norms been pushed to the boundaries of their usefulness?

This year’s CCIL conference will invite speakers and participants to reflect on the literal and figurative, the real and imagined boundaries that alternatively define, confine or confound international law as a discipline. Where are they and where should they be? Do they help or hinder our capacity or will to order human affairs in the first quarter of the twenty-first century?

Academics and practitioners are invited to submit proposals for conference papers or presentations. Proposals for sessions (i.e., panel discussions) are also welcome. Any area of international law may be the subject of a proposal, so long as it is in keeping with the conference’s theme, broadly construed. Both theoretical and practical contributions, in French, English or both, are welcome. Early-career academics and those wishing to present research in progress are especially encouraged to submit proposals.

Speakers will receive a 50% discount on the conference fee. CCIL is unable to pay speakers’ travel expenses.

To submit a proposal, send an email with the subject line “CCIL call for proposals”, to by no later than Friday, May 4, 2018.

Your message should include your name, a short biography, a working title for your paper/presentation, and a brief description of it. Please also indicate your availability (November 1st, 2nd or either day) as well as the language of your presentation and whether you are able to take questions in both English and French.

If you are proposing a panel, please provide this information for each speaker, as well as an overall description of the panel session. Please also clearly indicate how the panel's proposed composition reflects the diversity of the international legal community.

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