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2022-2023 Leslie C Green Scholarship Applications Open

The CCIL is now accepting applications for the 2022-2023 Leslie C Green Veterans Scholarship. The Leslie C Green Veterans Scholarship is a $1,500 scholarship to be awarded to a Canadian Forces (Canadian Armed Forces) veteran pursuing first year legal studies at the JD or LLB level in a Canadian law school.

The successful candidate will have a demonstrable interest in international humanitarian law. This interest may be reflected in past activities or future career plans. Preference will be given to candidates whose past activities and future career plans suggest an intent and ability to make an active contribution to the development of international humanitarian law. Consideration will also be given to the calibre of the candidate’s academic and professional record. Where applicable, financial need will also be considered. (Candidates who are receiving grants from the government or other entities to defray the costs of tuition or living expenses while in law school will generally be ineligible for this Scholarship. To be clear, this does not include student loans – just special programs whereby the student is put through law school by the sponsoring entity.)

For the purposes of this scholarship, a veteran is a retired Forces member, or a member who remains a reservist. Applicants with operational experience will be favoured in the selection process.

The deadline for applications is Thursday, September 22, 2022. To learn more about the award, visit:

Application Procedure

Candidate must apply by sending the following to the Leslie C. Green Scholarship Committee:

  1. A cover letter detailing the candidate’s service history in the Canadian Forces, his or her plans for legal studies and demonstrating his or her interest in international humanitarian law, per the above.

  2. In the event that the applicant wishes to raise financial need as a consideration, an explanation of that need.

  3. Proof of first year status in a JD or LLB program at a Canadian law school.

  4. Academic record in the form of transcripts demonstrating the candidate’s academic aptitude. (Scanned copies are accepted).

  5. A certification that all of the information supplied in support of the application is truthful.

These materials should be emailed only (please no hardcopies) to (subject: Leslie Green 2022 application)

The deadline for applications is Thursday, September 22, 2022, although the committee reserves the right to extend this deadline if (in its opinion) it has received an insufficient numbers of applications.

The scholarship will be awarded at the Annual Conference in October.


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